Cyberix 3D Review


No earlier knowledge is needed is required to operate and use the program. It seems easy to use but it took a while to figure out what is what on the home page.

There is no cost involved in creating a game on Cyberix3D and all that is needed to make an account is a name and an email address.

Ease of Use

The site is easy to use and kids as young as 8 have been seen to use this particular game making site.

Cyberix3D has a link on their home page that connects to a YouTube channel that has plenty of different tutorials for many different aspects of the game.

The site is user friendly but is harder to navigate around compared to Ceil Fire. Although there are plenty of links throughout that connect to different tutorials.

When making a game on Cyberix3D, it is fairly easy to customise your game. You can manipulate blocks to create your desired game.


On Cyberix3D you can start your game from scratch or you can choose a template. When making your game you can import different models, textures and sounds.

High-Level graphics can be achieved on Cyberix3D and you can find tutorials by clicking the ‘Tutorials’ link in the bar on the home page.

The age suitability for Cyberix3D would be around 13 and over but it has been said that kids as young as 6 have used the site with some help from someone who knew how to use the site. The site is not as easy to navigate around so that is why the age suitability stands at 13.

Support, Security and Privacy

There is a learning forum and tutorials on the home page of Cyberix3D to help make the game making process easier.

The game making site is safe from inappropriate content and ads. The only ads that are seen on the game making site are Google Ads which are safe for young children. Every game that is made and published on Cyberix3D is checked for inappropriate content before is is accessible by the public.


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